Workshop on Mathematical and Computational Problems of Incompressible Fluid Dynamics

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, August 10 – 11, 2018

Slides of some presentations 


Rodrigo M. Pereira (UFPE): A multifractal model for the velocity gradients dynamics in turbulent flows. [SLIDES]

Simon Thalabard (IMPA): Turbulence of generalized flows in two-dimensions. [SLIDES]

Marie Farge (ENS) & Kai Schneider (Aix-Marseille Universit√©): Energy dissipation caused by boundary layer instability at vanishing
viscosity. [SLIDES]

Ciro S. Campolina (IMPA): Chaotic blowup in the 3D incompressible Euler equations on a logarithmic lattice. [SLIDES]

Giovani L. Vasconcelos (UFPR): Emergence of skewed non-Gaussian distributions of velocity increments in turbulence. [SLIDES]

Helena Nussenzveig Lopes (UFRJ): Vorticity measures and the limit of vanishing viscosity in the presence of boundaries. [SLIDES]

Andre Nachbin (IMPA): Walking droplets correlated at a distance. [SLIDES]

Alexei A. Mailybaev (IMPA): Explosive ripple instability due to incipient wave breaking. [SLIDES]