ANP Program of Human Resources for the Oil and Gas Industry is an initiative of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP.

Among the tasks defined by Law No. 9478, the Petroleum Act of 6 August 1997, it fell to ANP responsibility for induction and training of qualified human resources for research and development of the sector.

In 1999 it was then created the PRH ANP to support the training of undergraduates, masters and doctoral students through scholarships with emphasis on different segments of the production chain in the oil, natural gas and biofuels.

The primary objective of the program is the training of professionals who will answer the demand of enterprises and the development of new technologies.

The first call for admissions came in 1999 and since then the IMPA participates in the program, as PRH 32.

The research lines developed in Fluid Dynamics Laboratory fit into the objective of the Program to seek the development of new technologies Research and Oil and Gas Exploration, with an emphasis on efficiency and safety.