The IX Workshop on Partial Differential Equations was held at IMPA from July 18 to July 22, 2005. A total of 105 registered participants came from foreign and Brazilian universities and research institutes.

This Workshop focused on flows in petroleum reservoirs, in the atmosphere and ocean, and on seismic and other inverse methods. The topics presented were: a) existence, stability and long time behavior, integrability and symmetries in evolutionary PDE's; b) numerical and asymptotic solution methods, as well as exploration of related theory via scientific computing; c) nonlinear conservation laws, with applications in fluid dynamics and flow in porous media; d) modern discretization of partial differential equations, domain decomposition and iterative methods, numerical linear algebra, and parallel algorithms; e) mathematical analysis and modeling in geophysical fluid dynamics and seismic imaging.

There were five plenary talks, twenty 50-minute lectures, thirty 25-minute communications and twenty-two poster presentations (see List of Talks and Abstracts). Presenters included research scientists from Canada, Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and USA.

Poster presentations included in this Workshop a new category: Junior Posters, presented by undergraduate students, who hopefully will feel encouraged to pursue graduate studies.

Many visitors, including the foreigners, remained at IMPA during the following week to participate in the Brazilian Mathematics Colloquium.
Financial support was given by funding agencies CNPq, CAPES, FINEP and FAPERJ.


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