The VIII Workshop on Partial Differential Equations was held at IMPA from July 21 to July 25, 2003. A total of 98 registered participants came from foreign and Brazilian universities and research institutes.

This Workshop focused on flows in petroleum reservoirs, in the atmosphere and ocean, and on seismic and other inverse methods.The topics presented were: a) existence, stability and long time behavior, integrability and symmetries in evolutionary PDE's; b) numerical and asymptotic
solution methods, as well as exploration of related theory via scientific computing; c) nonlinear conservation laws, with applications in fluid dynamics and flow in porous media; d) modeling and analysis of thermal flows in petroleum reservoirs; e) mathematical analysis and modeling in geophysical fluid dynamics, seismic and bio-medical imaging.

There was a special session in honor of Prof. F. Alberto Grunbaum's 60th birthday. Before the Workshop, many of his former students and collaborators, as well as his Ph.D. advisor Prof. Henry McKean, gathered for some days to
discuss research topics. They also presented lectures at the Workshop.

There were five plenary talks, twenty 45-minute lectures, twenty five 20-minute communications and sixteen poster presentations (see List of Talks and Abstracts). Presenters included research scientists from Argentina, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Spain, USA, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel, Portugal and Russia.

Many visitors, including the foreigners, remained at IMPA during the following week to participate in the Brazilian Mathematics Colloquium.

Financial support was given by funding agencies CNPq and FAPERJ and by IM-AGIMB and SBMAC.


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